Golden York


Golden York was a paleontologist involved in the development of the quarry at Dinosaur National Monument. Born in Mona, UT, in 1892, York began his paleontological career as a quarry worker under the direction of Earl Douglass. Although he acquired no education past high school, he went on to work for the American Museum of Natural History, the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, and then the University of Utah. Dr. Frederick Pack of the University of Utah geology department discussed with York what he thought was unfair circumstance that Utah’s dinosaur fossils were being shipped to museums outside of the state (Beidlemann, 1956).York would oversee the University of Utah’s excavation at the quarry in 1924, and his masterpiece of preparation came from the quarry, a complete Allosaurus skeleton which was on display at the University’s geology museum (Stokes, 1977).

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