John McIntosh

“I copied out by hand everything that had to do with dinosaurs… because so many things had vanished over the years and I decided that everything that ought to be preserved should be preserved” – A Conversation with Jack McIntosh

John “Jack” S. McIntosh is a renowned authority on sauropod dinosaurs and emeritus professor of physics at Wesleyan University. Although he made his living as a theoretical physicist, Jack gathered and integrated a tremendous amount of data about sauropods that allowed for future paleontologists to study the evolutionary relationships between them.

Jack McIntosh authored a detailed description of the palate and lower jaws of Diplodocus, and a skull of Apatosaurus from the Carnegie Quarry. A diligent observer of catalogs, maps and records, Jack noticed an error that led to the Apatosaurus in the Peabody Museum in Yale being identified as having the incorrect skull. The skull of the Yale Apatosaurus was a Camarasaurus-like skull.

Jack compiled a complete catalog of the vertebrate paleontology collections of the Carnegie Museum of Natural History. The catalog included all the fossils excavated at the Carnegie Quarry by Earl Douglass, and their location.

Wilson, J.A., and Rogers, K.C., 2005, A Conversation with Jack McIntosh. Read the full article here

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