Dryosaurus altus



Dryosaurus is the smallest dinosaur of the Carnegie Quarry, and is related to a similar species from Tanzania, Africa

Dryosaurus is Greek for”tree lizard”, reflective of the habitat it dwelled in

Dryosaurus size estimates range from 8-14 feet long and weighing 170-200 pounds


The dinosaur Dryosaurus runs from Torvosaurus through a jurassic floodplain

Dryosaurus altus runs from Torvosaurus tanneri, a possible predator-prey interaction in the Morrison Ecosystem.

Dryosaurus altus is a species of ornithopod dinosaur from the Late Jurassic of North America, found in the Morrison Formation. Excellently preserved skulls have been excavated from the Carnegie Quarry, from an adult and a juvenile. It was a relatively small and lightly built herbivore and the smallest adult dinosaur found at the quarry.

Specimens of Dryosaurus altus from the Carnegie Quarry:

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Gilmore, C.W. 1925b. Osteology of ornithopodous dinosaurs from the Dinosaur National Monument, Utah. Part I. On a skeleton of Camptosaurus medius Marsh. Part II. On a skeleton of Dryosaurus altus Marsh. Part III. On a skeleton of Laosaurus gracilis Marsh. Memoirs of the Carnegie Museum X: 385-409.


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